So is no one gonna talk about half the servers crashing?
eye lav nexun's crashstory

June 11, 2016

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And what about the buddy/guild chat glitch? It's so annoying..

Reply June 12, 2016

nobody plays maplestory anymore since we were like 12 years old

Reply June 12, 2016

you know things are bad when an uuuuuukkkkkiiiinnnngggggg supervisor steps in and starts uuuukkkkiiiinnnngggg trashing teh eeewwwwrrrkkkiiinnngn game @eternalmemory

Reply June 12, 2016

"I don't wanna hear a complaint from you, saying; "oh! She is just trolling!" When clearly, I am not! Good day to you sir!"

Well you complain all the time.

"Don't worry @helpingly, I won't be posting much on this forum for a while because of my busy schedule"

You've been posting nearly everyday even on a 16 hour work day. And you've been saying you've been busy since the very beginning. You are so busy yet you spend so much precious time on basilmarket. I don't buy it. You are such a troll

Reply June 12, 2016

can't heal a dying female dog

in this case, nexon's game maplestory

go ahead, ban me for this comment

Reply June 12, 2016

possible dupe going on atm

Reply June 12, 2016

Nexon is legit neglecting the lag that has been going on for months... Nexon needs to get their sht together.

Reply June 11, 2016