Xenon vs Phantom vs Shad

Hello, I'm sure everyone hates these threads by now but watcha gonna do.. been messing around in Reboot, ended up raising another Dual Blade got it to 180 then thought.. why the hell am I raising another DB, should try something different. I mostly play in GRAZED (rip), this character will be mostly for playing with friends and for streams. So for the next burning I wanna main something else on Rebot. I thought hard about it but Xenon and Phantom are the only other classes I enjoy enough. I like both equally so just comes down to which can outdps the other. This is for Rebot so idc that much about funding. I can also Job Change my DB into a Shad or something. I don't like the Night Lord/Walker classes so I'll stay away from those as I prefer dagger thieves.
With 5th job, I personally like Xenons the most, but I also hate the CD. Phantoms is okay I guess, and Shadowers just seems the absolute worst out of everything lol.

So basically which does the highest dps and is more enjoyable?
Xenon / Phantom / Shadower


December 22, 2016

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My bias is shadower cuz shadower master race ;p. But depends on funding tbh. Lowfunding would be Xenon since its easy to get range in the beginning, but they have super inflated range (my 900k db and 500k phantom outdpsed a 2m2m xenon since xenon have too much total damage) and have a harder time getting range past 1mil (due to less funding options of allstat). High funding phantom becomes insanely strong due to the scaling of their crosssurge and final cut and also their attackspeed is far greater than the other two mentioned classes. It honestly depends on what funding level you intend to get to.

Funnest Class: Shadower
Lowfunding: Xenon
Highfunding: Phantom

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I job swapped to a Shad... it feels really weird, don't really like it :S mobbing feels way slower and meh. Assassinate is kinda cool, but don't really understand it haha.. Think I'm just gonna unfortunately ditch that character and go Xenon again. Would've gone NL but didn't wanna waste this Miracle Time. I won't be able to get a good wep, secondary and stuff by then with potentials so thought I'd try a Shad. Sorta disappointed. Glad you're enjoying it though xp

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shadower's new assaulter is amazing. damage is ridiculous the mobility is amazing and for mobbing you can pretty much take a dump on the whole map in a few seconds. + the new 5th job skill coming next is opie op, acts like a shadowstep that dodges boss attacks and can hit through dr/wep cancel and acts like of band of thieves while mobbing on a pretty short cd. honestly i've never been happier playing my shad. i can't wait for beyond

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@trojanmagnum: My main server character used to be a Xenon actually until a few weeks ago, so yes I know the love for Xenons

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Hello bro. I'd Xenón

Because for 3 years i have played with my xenon, since i created it for its link skill i fall in love.

Actually i'm one out of the strongest xenón in my server...

The new skill 5th is amazing i love it, bossing is awesome (600 lines in 15 Seg, if 50m/line = 30b damage in 15 Seg OMG, more than enought to defeat many boss) for hunting they have more skill (8-12 línes per attack) i can afk in middle of arcane mapa full of monster for 10 min and still live is like a tank, high resistente/mobility/damage easy to find a good pot ( srt,dex,luk work but always is better all stats) they can blind. Also they can use pirate and thief items, so u can get good items for a "cheap" price. Try to play with it.

Of course i also played with phantom and shade... They arent fun for my.

Phantom was the max when it was the damage cap...

Now with "v matrix system" and no more cap any job is the sky.

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Tbh, NL would be my second thief go-to after DB. Xenon vs DB attack speed really feels slow. Phantom is fun sorta, but the actual phantom skills are kinda meh, I just made a Bowmaster instead cause that is the skill you always see phantoms using. Shadower is fun. Among those three I'd go Shadower. However, it is still slightly a slow class vs DB.

The new NL 5th job skill is really OP. The Shadower skill is a throw back to assaulter but not as free to use due to CD.

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