For those in need of cash Lv160+ Range: at least 75k ( for the boss part) Go talk to the world tour npc (I think her name is spinel?) in henesys and travel to mushroom shrine. From there go to the far right of the map and talk to the palaquin taxi to go to ninja castle. From there accept the quest from the npc. (There is only one npc with a quest bubble) Follow the quest line and do them until you get the special b-bot scroll. The time depends on how fast you can kill the mobs and loot the etc items. Having a pet won't help much since there are many ledges in the map. 30mins -1hr is ldeal Things to note: one of the quests requires you to kill a boss like monster. This monster has 78m hp, but the issue is the spawn rate. I believe it only sp

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