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macbook pro 13quot retina overheating in bootcamp hey guys, so i have a macbook pro 13" retina display (newest model) that has an intel core i7 processor @2.80 ghz and 16gb ram. once in awhile my computer will get really hot (appears that the laptop's struggling to push out all the air from the tiny vents that a macbook has) and cause the fan to make an audible noise. is there any way to fix this? my cpu usage is usually around 20 something % when just maple is open, and the memory is at 2.93gb if that helps Edit: forgot to mention this only happens in graphic intensive maps such as hall of honor or stronghold, so I'm assuming the iris graphics card is just not sufficient for those maps? If that's the case, is there any way/settings to


First impressions on the new update I can't find Ra No more ap cap so a considerable buff in range The new damage system gives me a headache and I can't clearly see my damage for poop Hoh mobs have 1/4 their hp and give 1/4 the exp while warrior grounds has has theirs halved Ink and wash is selling for 2b My whole buddy list/ ally is not happy You can see eunwol's starting area in the world map Attendance from 7/12-7/19 gives EIGHT slot coupons for each tab and a new damage skin Gms eunwol is called shade. I'm still calling it eunwol Continue this list with your first impressions on the new update

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