Returning bowmaster low damage range

Recently have returned to maple after 2 years, and i'm playing on my 155 bowmaster. I have about 1b meso's cash but when i tried to do horntail regular and chaos zakum i got wrecked. The guy i was partying with was also outdamaging me despite being a level 140. My range is

What do you suggest i spent the 1b on to get a better damage range than 19k? I recently heard of the star stystem and starred my utgard bow to +5 which helped a bit.

gear setup:

Greatly appreciated

November 20, 2016

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@rachelll: Not something a Sheriff should be saying here, on a Maplestory fan site. You know if you turn them away from the game, might as well turn them away from here as well.

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Edit: Alright maybe that was a little too blunt--you should do all the events but you will find it hard to advance in the game without a lot of mindless grinding or money spent.

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Move onto Reboot.

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Just find it in the free market. Purchase 4 owls from a merchant (if your in gms) and look for Royal Ranger, Trixter Ranger, Eagle Eye Ranger and Fafnir Wind Chaser. Buy them and use spell traces on them and then use star force to gain range.

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added gear setup cheers, for my bow i just used the 70% scrolls on the spell trace till the max i could. It's +20 dex. Where would i be able to buy the fairfnf set from? FM searching? Or is there an online forum.

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It's hard to help without actually knowing your equips. Buy full fafnir set (about 100m without wep, maybe like 175 with?), farm gollux for coins (With your range I would try getting stronger people to carry you otherwise it'll take a long time). Other than that try farming cubes from events, bounty hunter, bosses that you can solo like zak and farm cubes for 6% main stat.

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