dead pixels monitor

basically got rekt. bought some cheap BF deal monitor and there's dead pixels. when i first fired it up, there was only 1 maybe 2. but since i've been using it, even more have appeared out of nowhere. i bought it from newegg. will they replace it without me having to pay the over $20 to ship it back to them? i know that they provide free return shipping for defective items, but what if they don't deem this monitor defective? then am i just SOL and out $20 if i try to replace it?

December 5, 2014

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I once bought a monitor that started having red streaks across it. Used the hardware warranty and got a new one after some time. Thank you HP.

Reply December 5, 2014

I would recommend [url=]contacting them through their site.[/url]
They can probably answer your question better than anyone here.

Reply December 5, 2014