I consider myself shy, but other people dont?

I was always shy growing up. Elementary school, middle school, and the first few years of high school was when it was the worst. At my junior/senior year I started to break out of my shell. Right now I'm in university and I still consider myself shy, because I have my whole life.

But my RA says that I am one of the least shy people he knows. I participate the most in every one of my classes. I always talk really loud, am really blunt, and have no problem confronting someone who is being an asshole. I don't think that has to do with being shy though. If I'm at a party or something a lot of the time I'm too nervous to go and meet new people. But I have no problem doing that stuff in the beginning of a semester. I heard somewhere that if you think you are something (ex: introvert, extrovert, attractive, etc) than you probably are.

February 20, 2016

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Reply February 21, 2016

You prob are good at hiding it. It's up to people to motivate themselves and not let weaknesses eat them alive. People can be the most nervous wreck on the inside, but in people's eyes they seem confident. I've known people who've given fantastic presentations whom later told me that they were extremely nervous. (I wouldn't have known if they didn't tell me). It's all how you portray yourself. Perhaps you grew out of it more than you think.

Reply February 21, 2016