Hyper Skills?

Wondering how I should invest the rest of my hyper skills?
Below are my current buffed stats, I have 103 points to use.

I currently have these:
4 Critical rate
10 Critical Damage
6 Ignore Defense
10 Damage
10 Bossing Damage

I'm guessing use some more on Ignore Defense to get it to 92. And the rest on St? Critical rate at 92 is good enough right?

I can reset if I really need to.

January 2, 2018

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critical rate is good at 90% u do 100% with blast so it doesnt matter if u have more or less even 80% is ok, then 92-94 for ignore defense is enough for mayor bosses, so is up to u in the end, i would do the same.

Reply January 7, 2018