Skill Nodes

It would seem the best practice for skill nodes is to maximize them to include your 2 best or most used skills. As a Merc i would want a tri core with Ishtar and AFA as often as possible, however i have been advancing the levels of the cores i do use.
On to my question, i have been able to craft better cores and then remove a lvl 3 core, and use the new lvl 1 core with the desired skills. Then enhanced with the lvl 3 core bringing it to lvl 3.
I am just worried, that this is maybe a glitch, and not a thing.
Can anyone confirm this is a fact and nothing to worry about. Sure helps get perfect cores.

March 29, 2017

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I think enhancing a core with an already enhanced core would bring it to the level of the core being used, minus 50% exp, which is about 1 core. Not a big deal if you ask me.

You also don't need to get a perfect trio if you have more than 3 skills needed (A/B/C, D/E/F). You could use cores A/C/F and B/D/E, especially if a core has equally important skills to master as the other core. In the end they'll all be maxed and give the same results as a perfect trio.

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