nexon nebbed Sw drop rate when nexon said "The elevated introductory drop rate for Sweetvvater equipment will end." they secretly meant: "remember when nebs were released, that neb boxes dropped like drunken people off a roof and then we made them so rare it was easier to find a party to HTPQ? no? oh no problem let me refresh your memory by doing the same to SW drop rate" now im stuck with 2/6 parts of the SW set and probably wont complete it cus prices will blow


all this confusion about sweetvvater equips EDIT: first of all i want to clarify that u cant just turn a 140-150 equip into a SW equip, u only transfer the scrolls, stars and pots to a EXISTING sweet*water equip, loosing the 140-150 in the proccess. everyone has been speculating things and stuff about the new lv.160 SW (sweet*water) equips. so ill try to clear some of this confusion. before i start i wanna say this is based on my own speculation, logic, understanding of the patch notes and a bit of experience since i already got a SW overall. Lv.150 commerci equips 1st of all in commerci theres the episode questline that gives commerci equips, this are equips 150 that arent part of a set and their stats isnt that good. clean Lv.160 SW equip

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