General Bishop

Range if I switch to Bishop? So I'm thinking of giving up on my Blaze Wizard and making a Bishop. Blaze Wizards generally have really low ranges compared to other classes due to lack of passives and buffs, so can anyone give me a rough estimate of what my range would be if I did switch classes? I'm currently sitting at around 300k clean, with 5000k total int (130% int from potentials), 40% magic attack from potentials, and a 375 matt faf mana crown. Also, without any outside sources of crit what % chance do bishops sit at? Thanks :)

General Mage

Keep or Re-Cube? I recently upgraded my Ele Staff 6 by using 3 EE scrolls, hoping for it to boom so I would have a reason to take a break from this game, but alas...they all passed. After the 3 successful EE scrolls, I decided to buy 1 cube with the maple points I had saved up, and to my dismay, I got unique on reveal. Looks like I won't be leaving any time soon. Thanks Nexon. My staff went from this: To this: So should I keep or recube? This was only my first cube so naturally I would want to keep going and see how far I could get, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Opinions?

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