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What is something someone said that made you Really happy? Uhm. One time my mum and I were going grocery shopping but like, we took a different route than usual because traffic was like, crazy.. and we slowly (dem speed bumps) passed this movie theatre and my mum was like.. "If you want, we can go see a movie some time". I was like whoa. [b]MY MUM, THE MOST SERIOUS, STRICTEST PERSON WHO HATES MOVIES ACTUALLY SAID THAT JUST NOW?[/b] .. whoa. :) oh yah, another time this girl told me I was pretty. First time someone's said that to me and actually seemed to mean it. self esteem boost +50 WOO. :p but that was like, in grade nine.. So yah. Tell meee yoursss :D


hacked, or what? Alright so, today I logged onto my mule account which had a fair bit of mesos and equips only to find it somehow hacked? All mesos and everything that was worth anything was taken, and I really don't know how because just yesterday, I had everything. I'm so confused, I don't think I could have gotten keylogged, because I didn't visit any site or download anything that could have posed any risks ;-; meh, I don't even want to play on that account any more.. :( this came as a surprise. ._. edit: I just realised I lost around 1b. I lost a really.. good.. dagger. ah, the disappointment sinks in. I just frantically changed all of my accounts' email passwords, email questions, email answers, maple pins and passwords. dear me.. :(

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have you ever Have you ever cried for someone that probably doesn't even remember or know you anymore? Today I came home from school and got some surprisingly upsetting news. A person I used to know when I was younger recently got beatup pretty bad, and currently is in hospital in a really bad condition. I wasn't given much information on the situation, and how this person is doing right now (health-wise). I was really surprised to find myself crying for this person ._. A person that probably doesn't even remember me anymore. mydayjustgotworse:l I wasn't expecting this bad news, right after coming home from school. :( edit: I don't think i'm going to be giving any details on who this person is or anything. butyeah. I felt like telling this