General Quests

Santa Quests Glitched? Alright, so I'm trying to do the Santa daily quests, because to get the other medal I have to do them 30 times or more. What I'm confused on is if we have to complete all of the quests in order to get more after reset? I've done all of them except for the 15 PQ one yesterday, but you can't even turn in the 15 PQ quest in so I'm going to assume that quest is glitched(?). Is the unable to turn in the 15 PQ quests a bug? Do we need to complete all Santa daily quests before getting more the next day? Thanks in advance~

General Updates

About the boxes dropping from monsters So I'm [b]VERY[/b] confused as to whether or not the items one obtains from the boxes expire or not. For one, when you mouse over the obtained item,scroll,potion, etc. there is no listed time limit. Second, I'll like to say that when you OPEN the item from the box, in the chat window there's a notice that "Items expires on____" Opening boxes today, all of the scrolls, pots, items i've obtained said "Item expire on 4/23" It is true that there's no time limit on the items, but getting the message after opening a box makes me still unsure. Thoughts?

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