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Mirror GuildOpening Spring Boxes As you all know, Nexon newly released Spring Boxes which contains 100 different perm nx items. <3 <3 <3 The sole purpose of this thread is to gather information of what is in this box, so please comment and contribute to the list. So far, this is what my guild has gotten from opening these boxes. *EDIT: Thanks for all who contributed! All 100 items have been listed~ (:* [b]100/100 Items Listed[/b] [b]Hats:[/b] Blue Picnic Hat Pink Picnic Hat Green Picnic Hat Rabbit Ears Puffyram Hat Pink Bunny Visor Peony Flower Accessory Dancing Blue Butterfly Flower Heiress Band Honey Rabbit Alice Teacup Bunny Ears Courageous Bunny Hat Picnic Hat (F) Miranda Ribbon MoonBunny Headgear Lania's Flower Crown Sparkling