Uno playing robots? So I recently discovered Star Planet (yes I'm way late to the party). Pretty much the only game I play is One Card, I've noticed for the past week or so there are always 4-5 gunslingers all named Hers1, Hers2, Hers3, etc. They never speak, never move, never leave, they're there 24/7, no matter what time of the day I play there's at least 4 of them just standing there. They ONLY thing they do is play uno. Who are these mysterious Hers? There is an army of them and they seem to be multiplying. I'm not complaining though, at least there's always someone to play.


Cant access Root Abyss through diensional mirror When I try to access Root Abyss through the dimensional mirror it teleports me there.. However, the keymaker is missing, there are no portals to enter the bosses, and I can't talk to dorothy. I did the prequests the very day root abyss was released and have only had this problem for a month or so. I can only do the bosses if someone teleports me there using the boss queue, I checked my lightbulb quests and there is not a single root abyss quest there. Does anyone else have this problem or know any fixes? This is extremely annoying

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