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Questions From a very Broke Dk Hey folks, just a couple questions, and sorry if these seem dumb... I've just recently returned to the game, and I'm new to the warrior branch. I kinda levelled like way faster than expected, so now I'm fourth job with about 14m mesos. I'm level 114 right now I have a surfboard that's 95 ATT +8 ATT potential, and it seems to be doing a decent job; however, I could probably afford a Reverse/Timeless PA... would that be worth it with low funds? Or do I wait until I'm a higher level and just try and find a better PA as I go? As well, are there any quests I should know about for getting skill books? Cause right now I can basically afford one book to get Dark Impale up to 30... and I already have a bunch of saved S

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Which of the original Warriors? Hey guys, it's been quite a while since I've touched this game, and I'm thinking about coming back and starting fresh... Since I'm pretty sure my NL is like 110% obsolete, since he was already pretty terrible (but bless his soul) before Big Bang. I've always sort of wanted to have myself a Warrior. Now this would be absolutely zero funding, possibly a new world (I dunno what Windia's like these days), and honestly damage doesn't matter AT ALL to me... I was pretty content with my 3k range back in the day. So guys... unfunded, inexperienced, and just looking to have fun... Hero, Pally, or DK? I'm looking for every opinion, and it would be awesome to hear from people who've played multiple types. I have a feeli

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Your Worst Exam I seriously think that I just wrote my worst one last night. Thank the lord it was my last one before Christmas break. Basically, it's second year biochem (worth 42.5%, so not HUGE), and the prof decided to make the last 25 questions a case study on this protein homodimer [url=]Gcn4[/url] that literally none of us were prepared for. On top of that, my exam code had the explanation paragraph on the very last question, so on my first read through of the exam, I had literally no idea what the last 25 questions were about. Thank goodness it's a big course (1600 students), so there's definitely gonna be some sort of mark adjustment. Anyways, that's my worst I think... Feel fr


My really, really good earrings [url=]Yeah guys, so I like made these a while ago...[/url] Sorry they're not for sale, but in light of seeing how people are posting about really good equips, I felt left out. Just some info on the earrings: [*]Yes, I did pass 4/5 scrolls. (I have pretty good luck when it comes to these things) [*]No, no hacks were involved. (people assume this all the time) [*]Unfortunately, they are 3 line. I tried for 2, but you can only get so lucky on one equip. [*]Note that they aren't hammered. That's a good thing I think. But I'm probably gonna hammer them once I save up enough money from sell all my other equips. And also, I realize that th

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iPod Touch or iPod Classic Okay, so I just filled up my 8GB Touch, even after I deleted all the Apps off the thing. Now I'm looking into buying a new iPod, cause I don't wanna go through the hassle of deleting old songs every time I put new songs on. Anyways, I pretty much only use my iPod for music... A bit of internet, but I've got my phone if I need it, and I rarely need mobile internet as is. The Apps are cool, but I don't use them. Ever. The only thing I have against the Classic is the HDD. So let's say you're in my situation, would you pay $300 for a 32GB Touch, or $250 for a 160GB Classic? I'm having a hard time deciding, so any input is welcome. :D

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