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I need help finding a specific web comic or its artist So the comic involves a girl playing The Legend of Zelda. The first panel shows Link being attacked by Cuccos. The next panel shows the girl reacting to the death of Link in her game. The final panel shows her standing next to some rotisserie chicken. In this panel someone who I assume is her friend asks her what she's doing, to which she replies "Admiring the view". I'm wondering if someone can find the comic I (kinda) described, or at least the artist/artist's website. I really like the art style. I've tried looking on Nerf Now as it sort of resembles the art style, but the site's archives on TLoZ didn't have it. I saw it during a late-night browse on Imgur and forgot to boo

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Shade Skill Levels? So like I've been using Ayumilove's Shade guide (sue me) because it's got each skill with it's level 1 and it's capped level, which could be around 20 or 30. Anyway, it's currently (as I write) at an error 403. Since I've been using the guide to buy mastery books/plan out skills/look at skill effects, I've assumed that I'll max all 4th job skills at or around level 180. But to the main point, I don't remember if Soul Splitter caps at 30 or 20, nor do I remember how long it's cooldown is when maxed. I'm going to be maxing it after I've maxed MW, and I need to know the cap so I can buy a book ahead of time if I need a 30 book (I've got enough level 20 books). I've already maxed Spirit Claw, Spirit Bond 4,High Quality Knuck

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Just looking for some clarity So I've been wondering about how Nexon's bad choice of wording on the skill "Spirit Bond 1". It claims to give 1% HP on hit, but from what? 1% HP when you deal damage? 1% HP when you are damaged? Nearly all your attacking skills are "spirit skills" and the tool tip claims to recover damage when "bonded with the spirits". When I've been training, I haven't noticed my HP going up when I fight. For example, let's say my HP is a flat 1k. I should be getting around 10 hp on hit, roughly. I hit them with, let's say Spirit Claw. It should give me 80 hp, as it hits 8 times for 10 hp each from the 1% of the 1k HP. If I had taken 100 damage, I'd be 20 HP short of full HP, but I didn't see an

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Maplestory server latency or just me? Not sure if this goes in tech or general maple, but whenever I play maplestory I'm forced to leech or else my client craps out. Basically, my crappiest computer can run MS fine while this one can't. I've got my graphics set to the lowest and running the 800x600 option for the screen. I've heard that running it in windowed takes up more resources and such, but I have tried it both in fullscreen and windowed mode and nothing helped. I've only used my Phantom so far and I'm unsure if it's just Phantoms that are buggy or my computer is getting on in years and needs to be put down. Any help would be appreciated.

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Anime lines remastered x remixed. Basilmarket edition Take a line or so from ANY anime, change a few words, and see what you get! Make sure to point out which anime the line came from and who said it (if possible). Also try to put a "translation/transliteration" for Japanese words in the square parenthesis symbols '[ ]' An example: "Kira Yamato. Strike Freedom. ITADAKIMASU [Thanks for the food]!" -Kira Yamato, Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny. And here's one featuring Mr. B: "B,Basil-san s,stop! M,my hips I c,can't stop m,moving my hips! Uwaa!~ O///W///O" Let's see what Basil's Otaku community can come up with~ It's no holds barred, free to use whatever line (as long as it passes the ToS and the language filters) along


Bossing runs Pq. Your opinons? Here's my idea. A PQ that gives a SUPER-NERFED boss that a Tier-1 character can participate and not get cut down instantly. OKAY! The proposal is this: My imagined PQ is simple. It gives you one random boss ranging from Mano to Magnus that is extremely super nerfed, but scales on the player's level (like MPE that the level of the boss matches you and deals relative damage and gains relative stats) but they don't have the same exact stats or resistances of the normal bosses. They will only drop an ETC. item similar to a token that can be traded to an NPC in the area for items like Tyrant Gear, Trade Coins, etc etc. that can then used by the person that bought it. But here's the catch: You can't trade the items

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Probability of getting asyquot Tyrant gear So I've started getting gear for Eunwol and I've gotten the Top and Bottoms for the cRA set, a SW knuckle, SCG's (all of which are currently clean), and a pretty decent hat (12 attack, 15 stars) 3% all stat clean BFC (will be replaced with Tyrant), commerci boots (place holder for Tyrant) The Knuckle is about 10% str 3L unique (the other lines don't matter, but if needed they're 7%int and 20% chance to get hp on hit). The top is 2L unique with 60% hp recovery items/skills (same line twice, figured it's good with the Eunwol's spirit attacks = 1% hp regen passive). So what I'm asking is if there's a easier way of getting Tyrant without having to suffer through Hard Magnus (and the Magnus pre-quest in

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What I think was the reason basil was attacked I believe its because some narb who thinks keeping basil down will lower the amount of people that can complete their clues will boost their chances of getting some NX. Which is dumb because, like last time, you are able to solve the puzzles for the days you missed until a certain period in the event. This is my reasoning since there's nothing to gain from crashing a forum other than to ruin any events that forum is hosting. There's some crazy things peeps would do for NX apparently.

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oott Range to fight Easy Magnus One of those threads. So I'm running 63k range self buffed (level 12 MW from empress set) all skills maxed. This is all off the top of my head. You can skip this and come back to it later if you like. Links include (Link Level/Class): Level 1 DS Level 2 Kanna Level 1 'Yato Level 1 'Neer Level 2 Phantom Level 2 Xenon Level 2 'Cedes Level 1 Lumi Level 0 Jett (no link level due to customized link) Level 2 Mihile Level 2 DW Character cards are: S rank(s) Pirate Spirit S Warrior Spirit S Mage Spirit S Items are: 161 Atk 4%Luk emp cane (2L rare, 3%luk with 1%luk neb, other line is +6 attack) Clean Emp overall, shoe, glove 9 Atk Emp cape (no stars, imperfectly scrolled) Clean 'sader belt (crap pot 3L rare) 8 Atk Map

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Need to know about Xenon For all you soon-to-be Xenon players, you might wanna take a look at this: More importantly, this: "[QUESTION] So, I'm getting 3 auto assigns....for Xenon. I want to distribute them normally, and am not sure how the 3 stats build are supposed to work out.. [ANSWER] There are three auto assign buttons. The first one auto assigns to Str. Second Auto Assigns to Dex. Third Auto Assigns to Luk. These Auto Assign Buttons will keep applying AP until it reaches the current AP requirement for Multilateral. For Example: At First job the Multilateral requirement is 40 STR, DEX, LUK. If you pick any of the 3 buttons then it will be set to apply AP to whatever button you picked till it reaches 40 AP then you can select one

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Setting the record straight If North Korea somehow were to defeat the US Army (which has never lost a major war since 1776) and storm into Seoul and take over Nexon, the US would still be able to play MapleStory and other North American Nexon Games, or other world wide versions like EMS and the European Nexon Games Stating the obvious: 1. Assuming the worried people play GMS, Nexon has it's servers IN AMERICA. I doubt they would use EST and PST for a North American game if people think it's hosted in Korea. 2. If the games continue to run, there would be little to no content updates since everything comes from KMS. 3. The US Army will win, since China won't back up North Korea to help destroy the country that owes China a ton of money (US h


Most common unwanted or wanted parties Assuming a party of 6 each at level 165 has a Bishop (Player 1), a Hero (Player 2), an Angelic Buster (Player 3), a Buccaneer (Player 4), a Jett (player 5) and a Night Lord (Player 6). Instance 1 (i1): Most Common Instance 2 (i2): 2nd Most Common (usually in or around LHC) Instance 3 (i3): 3rd Most Common to Rare (usually in or around LHC) --Instance 3a (i3a): Very Rare --Instance 3b (i3b): Common Instance 4 (i4): Generic Party Instance 5 (i5): Typical leech party Instance 6 (i6): Extremely Rare Players 2, 3, and 6 are the attackers in Instance 1. Has an equilibrium of Leecher to Killer ratio. Sometimes has attacker rotations Instance 2 has all but Player 1 attacking, who is AFK. The party is deprived

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This is going to be fun Going to start funding my Wild Hunter and show the haters how strong we can be >.< I've got so far: 9% Dex earrings 6% Dex overall 3% Dex VSS 3% Dex Purple Giles Cape Planning on upgrading my stuff later with either cubes or the like. Might just replace some though. (Planning on passing the equips over to my Mercedes once I get a %dex Emp set (minus cape, too expensive) ) I could also use some tips on making the "perfect" crossbow with no NX items (minus the event lucky scrolls and the like).

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