Why you have to hard in life

I'm pretty salty my dude. Dudes in the army don't gotta worry bout looking good. I gotta grind constantly. Fk man, really wish I was a civilian I could do a stupid 9 to & smoke some weed after go to the gym. Hating this stress bout being the best. If I fall off even a little man. My friend passed recently & it hurt me my dedication to the cause deteriorated. I missed my kid sister child birth fk my dude can't even vent to people really even when I do see the psychiatrist still gotta watch what I say. I shoulda went to college.

July 12, 2018

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I wish I could be a kid again & joke about like this. I've been trying to meditate stretch work out god man idk what to do bro this lack of sleep stand guard post alone all night. My head is spinning constantly. It's like I'm swimming out of the water.

Why am I going through this. My body feels tired almost weak I'm dragging myself out of bed. Running isn't working anymore. I can't trust people everywhere I go these Japanese people think they feel uneasy I can't even walk around town with one of them get defensive when I walk by. HOW do you think I feel. Stop I just can't stop. I want my passion back. My love for humanity it feels like my conscious is breaker into a million piece.

Seeing the harsh reality of life and death. I don't know how EMT personnel make it through the day.

Reply July 13, 2018

are u try to be kakshi from narutoe?

Reply July 12, 2018