Toxic relationships

I don't understand! Why be with someone who drags you down? My bro just got his head smashed by his gf. There were kids in the room. He was unconscious when it happened too!

How do you even do that? Woman are so messed up. Attack you while your asleep. She doesn't have a license she, doesn't work, she's useless. They have two kids together. That attempt at murder. She used a glasses cup. I can't even express how sick this is.

It's upsetting that he won't just leave her. I just want what's best for him. He can't even have a cell phone. She won't let him. I'm going to tell him to leave her before he dies. Who cares if her kids call you dad. What are you to me if your dead.

January 15, 2017

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It's not women altogether mind you... I've never raised my hand against my husband.

Clearly it's an abusive relationship. It's sadly not as easy to get out of one as you'd think. A lot of times the abuser has a way to make the victim feel worthless, and that they're only worth something if they get the abuser's approval. Plus they also have an amazing technique of hurting the victim but later making it feel happy/special/loved so the victim keeps a sense of 'improvement' and 'hope' and 'this isn't so bad after all'.
Good luck with talking to him about it, but most likely it won't get far. Don't try to force him to break up with her. The more you attack something that is precious to someone the more they will try to protect it, so that would be counterproductive.
Just make sure that he knows that you'll support him and that you care for him. Let him know that you worry. Don't get angry (it would make him defensive), don't attack him or force him (again, he'd become defensive), just try to be loving. He has to learn by himself that this relationship isn't good for him.
All the best it really sucks...

Reply January 24, 2017

The world is full of them. Gl to your bro, he seems like he needs it.

Reply January 17, 2017

If he leaves her, then he might have to surrender most income based on the comments here

Reply January 15, 2017

He'd easily be lookin' at 10+ years if the tables were turned. The kids are probably what's making him reluctant to leave her, though. Some people bring out the worst in each other, but crap like that is inexcusable. Hope it all works out for him.

Reply January 15, 2017