I luv it in japan

The chick are not shy about checking you out 😍. Legit can't wait for tmr.

June 6, 2017

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Highly doubt that's how girls operate there. Japan's conservative values will surprise you.

Instead, you're going to get a lot of [url=]these[/url] looks.

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Lucky, my first, only, and will be my last command is in Washington. I will visit Japan when I separate but probably won't get the same reaction from those girls like you since I'm Asian too. :-X

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Japanese girls also have standards.

Thailand however.. but the price is that some of them are men.

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@ourania: it's okay you hide behind a computer just to say hateful things. I won't judge you. I'm sure the real world already knows how toxic you are. Your empty existence on basil reflects your personal life.

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must be great that finally someone notice you huh like wow are you that sad in your home country i feel bad for you but hey that is okay if that makes you happy for a while

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I hope you find whatever you're looking for.

Don't trash any kobans.

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That:s great. I hope you have a great time in Japan! Dont forget to report back on Basilmarket with threads.

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I love it too. I went 3 years ago to shibuya. very nice parks and shrines. love seeing the girls in their yukata during the summer. stayed for a month and a half for my business trip. great hotel/NOT =/

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I know a British guy who is working in japan, he was there 6 years ago.

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I'm in Okinawa no kidding flirt with every chick I see, even the older ones. I feel like Japan has the wrong idea of Americans. Saw this mixed white & Japanese chick 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 omfg.

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i've been here for 8+ months and it gets old pretty quickly, also quite a lot of the looks aren't positive ones (if you look like a foreigner)

whereabouts are you?

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