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Shield, Gloves, or Belt? Currently have 800mil, + about 50k nx I am wondering what's best to invest in. Witch belt 8 MA 3 line for 600m, 12 MA gloves 400m (not pot yet) VIP shield or 14 ish MA shield 800m thnx~

0 December 25, 2010

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Convert some NX into 200m meso with MTS, buy both the belt and the gloves, cube the belt for %int (you probably will need more NX)
Reply December 26, 2010
I got a 10 magic attack 3 lined belt for only 325m, haha.
Reply December 26, 2010
% equips then you'll be rocking.
Reply December 25, 2010
What ever gives you the biggest boost for cheapest
Reply December 25, 2010
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