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Do you think my dads actions are justified? So i have to go to sleep at 10:00 and it was 10:10 i was in the middle of a LoL game and he came in yelling at me he was like go to sleep i said wait let me finish then he got reallly mad this is like the maddest i have ever seen him (although he came in at 11:00 before and wasn't mad) he yelled really loud in chinese and i think he threatened to hit me my uncle came in and calmed him down he asked me to go to sleep and i did the next day my mom is like go say sorry to my dad shes said my dad had a perfectly good reason to yell at you.. only 10 minutes after my curfew and he got SUPPER mad so do u think it was a good reason for him to be SUPER mad? if i was him i would never get mad about somethin

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