Is it true the SP reset scroll are glitched ?

I heard that when you use the SP reset scroll and you get to putting your 2nd job SP, you will need to put an extra 11 SP that belongs to the 3rd job skills.
And that there is going to be a maintenance to fix the 11 SP that needs to be in the 3rd job skills.

Is that true ? Is it safe to use the SP scroll ?

December 9, 2010

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I don't think you lose any points, you have to use all points made in 2nd job in the 2nd book and i think that's 120 SP? You probably had 109 and needed an extra 11 to finish it off. I needed to add 11 in steal, which I never use. :S

Reply December 9, 2010

Worked fine for me on both characters. Most of my BL who has used it hasn't said anything about missing SP. Now it seems suspect to me that people might have accidently used too much SP on previous jobs and blame it on a glitch seeing as how my active BL friends didn't have a problem.

Reply December 9, 2010

mhhh, idunno O.o
then i needa calculate how much points i have and i did in diffrent tabs

Reply December 9, 2010

It worked fine for me.

Reply December 9, 2010