Just a quick rant about mastery books

So starting back maple since RED, I have made a DrK. I am now 108 and finally managed to get 14mil total. So I go and buy masterybook 30 to get my dark impale level up. But when I used it it will not work... Now I remembered that I need to use the 20 book before and then the 30 book. I only have 3.9m left and no way to get fast mesos. Guess ill have to wait a long while again.. Ahh well, what do you guys think, should we be able to use the 30 book before the 20 if we desire to do so ? I think so.

December 21, 2013

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Whats the point of having a 20 mastery book when a person can just buy the 30 mastery book.. wtf

Reply December 21, 2013

you can do evo lab , collect coins then buy 20 ones for evo coins or something

Reply December 21, 2013

Your forgetfullness is not a reason to rant on others
The fee shouldn't even be there in the first place

Reply December 21, 2013

I agree the price is kind of high, but you pay for convenience. If you wand Dark impale 20 you should be able to buy it from FM for cheap.

Reply December 21, 2013

no, that would defeat the purpose of the 20 books

Reply December 21, 2013