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Just want to say, been playing maple story since beta back I think in 2005 it was. I was part of it. Been using basil market alongside hidden-street all those years to help me. I've first played for many years straight (10 years+). From then I played on and off when nostalgia hit me. Now this last weekend, I was watching coppersan and the nostalgia I felt was so intense. I decided to take back maple story as a main game. I've been enjoying my pathfinder and kanna so much, the new game systems are just awesome! Lastly, I remembered basil market this morning and decided to check if the site was still on, and It still is ! Wow, this site has been such help not juste for my maple career, but also for personal development. I remember the forum chat section where we talked of everything and nothing. Made great friends there. I always felt that me and so many more maplers got so attached to this game, its crazy. I've never felt nostalgia as heavy and deep as with this game. Thats all I wanted to say, much love to all!

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Yeah, so many memories, eh! Welcome back! Post some pics/vids
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