Kishin Shoukan Effectiveness Increased

Good news everyone. Kishin will be buffed during the next maintenance to be closer to what it was before.

August 23, 2016

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@sadvirgin: they'll release a lag totem to reduce lag time to 1 second

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@vicetone That was their plan all along. Insert lag to make us beg for mercy instead of beg for kishin.

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i'm not even stressing about kishin. I just want this lag fixed.Who cares about kishin when you dc all the time or have gm police dc u because of the lag.

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it's not really that, we miss the map glitching...

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@nyan: inb4 they somehow make monsters not even spawn anymore.

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inb4 frenzy reduced to 0sec

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lol so r they gonna address the lag issues?

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1. Nerf Kishin a month prior, or a bug as they say

2. Take something that was a class-exclusive skill and make it a cash shop item. Introduce Frenzy Totem to philo so people would spend lots of money to gamble a chance to get one of the latest OP items

3. Apologize to community and say as compensation, we will buff Kanna's current Kishin (reduces the respawn time to 3 seconds) so it's definitely a buff. But still a nerf compared to before the bug (reduced the respawn time to 1 seconds). Notice they don't give any specifics beside, "these reduced spawn rates should bring the skill a little bit closer to how it functioned before the legacy issue." Most likely reduced spawn rate to 2 seconds.

4. Community celebrates. OMG NEXON LISTENED TO US! Based Nexon. [url=]-claps for CM- You deserve a medal. Good job Nexon for posting about the issue on the front page of the website instead of just the forums.[/url]

Sasuga Nexon.

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great, it only took them over a month to get this right.

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What is it right now 3 seconds to respawn compared to the "glitched" 1 second?

I would say they probably brought it to 2 seconds.

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I guess that's a step in the right direction, seeing that nearly every MS community caught on fire for the past month.

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