Night Lord Changes

Yo guys.

So NL recently got a few changes in the latest KMST patch which I believe would be very sweet for all of us.

Now before this patch, the most NL can hit for 1 vs 1 (excluding DOT, Night Lord Mark, potential etc) is 425mil (5 x 50mil + 5 x 35mil).

Now after this patch, it is going to be 50mil x 10 = 500mil So tasty

But WAIT, there's more.

Bleeding Dart is a skill which has been changed so many times, is getting a juicy buff. Now the duration has gone up to 90 seconds, so effectively speaking, it pretty much is a buff we can always used (excluding if we get debuffed)

Also Bleeding Dart now increases our maximum damage by 20%

So now we will be able to hit 60mil X 10 = 600mil, mhmmmmmmm

Such a yummy buff right comrades

[b]About Bleeding Dart[/b]

It seems like nexon loves to buff up Bleeding Dart since it's inception. Let me tell you the history of this skill and you can see how far it has come since 2012. The changes, has been highlighted in bold.

Initial Release = 190% DoT damage for up to 8 seconds, Duration of skill 30 seconds, Cooldown 90 seconds.
RED Update Buff = 190% DoT damage for up to 8 seconds, [b]Weapon attack +30[/b], Duration of skill 30 seconds, Cooldown 90 seconds.
Reboot Update = [b]1000% DoT damage[/b] for up to 8 seconds,Weapon attack +30, Duration of skill 30 seconds, Cannot be debuff Cooldown 90 seconds.
Latest KMST Patch = 1000% DoT damage for up to 8 seconds, Weapon attack +30, [b]Increases maximum damage cap by 20%[/b], [b] Duration of skill 90 seconds[/b], Cannot be debuff, Cooldown 90 seconds.

March 18, 2016

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@star909 Maybe they tweaked it, but the videos of the skill when the jump effect was first added to KMSt showed it as an incredibly tiny jump

Reply March 20, 2016

@lecarde: the skill brings you to the top of the magnus map, I'd say that's a pretty high boost. and the videos are showing a 65m cap instead of a 66m cap (even though its 20% cap+10%cap).

Reply March 19, 2016

@nitsua 66m cap, epic adventurer gives you a 10% increase of 60mil, for a 6mil increase

@terrorface Yea, but unless they changed it, shadow web has a 5 second cooldown, and its a relatively small jump height. I've been begging Nexon to not give us the cooldown on the skill as we desperately need the vertical mobility, but chances are they will bring it over anyway

Reply March 19, 2016

I have one of a cvel fight, but I cant post it because the URL has an illegal word in it :l. It's on the same channel though so

Reply March 19, 2016

65m cap, Shadow Partner having normal cap, and Vertical Jump that doesn't detract from your FJ count, NL just got a whoooooooooooooole lot stronger.

Reply March 19, 2016
Here's a vid on what you guys have in store

Reply March 18, 2016

The cooldown for Bleeding Dart is short too! Sounds like we will be watching HP meters melt whenever this patch arrives to GMS...

Reply March 18, 2016

I'm still mostly excited for Shadow Web getting a vertical jump aspect. lol

Reply March 18, 2016