Mirror GuildOpening Spring Boxes

As you all know, Nexon newly released Spring Boxes which contains 100 different perm nx items. <3 <3 <3
The sole purpose of this thread is to gather information of what is in this box, so please comment and contribute to the list.
So far, this is what my guild has gotten from opening these boxes.

*EDIT: Thanks for all who contributed! All 100 items have been listed~ (:*
[b]100/100 Items Listed[/b]

Blue Picnic Hat
Pink Picnic Hat
Green Picnic Hat
Rabbit Ears
Puffyram Hat
Pink Bunny Visor
Peony Flower Accessory
Dancing Blue Butterfly
Flower Heiress Band
Honey Rabbit
Alice Teacup
Bunny Ears
Courageous Bunny Hat
Picnic Hat (F)
Miranda Ribbon
MoonBunny Headgear
Lania's Flower Crown
Sparkling Butterfly
Rabbit Ear Hood
Pink Bunny Cap
Azalea Bamboo Hat
Lost Baby Chick
Treacherous Wolf Hat
Courageous Little Lamb Hat
Pinky Butterfly Hair Pin

Blue TeruCape
Yellow TeruCape
Pink TeruCape
Silken Flower Cape
Magic Star Cape
Bunny Doll
Aurora Happy Wing
Rainbow Scarf
Dragonfly Wings
Superstar Mirror Ball
Sunfire Wings
Lamby cape
Floating Silken Flower Cape

Rainbow Knitted Top
Rainbow Tee
Yellow Spring Jacket
Blue Spring Jacket
Pink Spring Jacket
Flying Violet
Pink Bunny Sweater
Strawberry Shirt
Print Layered Hoodie
Lamb Wool Top
Spring Sweater Set
Pink Flower T-shirt
Yellow Longsleeve w/ Bunny Bag
Rainbow Top (tanktop)

Little Bunny Pants
Technicolour Funky Pants

Pink Picnic Dress
Purple Frill One Piece
Gentle Hanbok(F)
Bunny Boy
Strawberry Milk Dress
Ramling PJs
Superstar Suit
Strawberry Baby
Gentle Hanbok(M)
Moon Bunny Costume
Rainbow Mini Dress
Rabbit Ear Dress
Blue Frill One Piece
Yellow Picnic Dress
Bunny Girl

Rainbow Brush
Rainbow Umbrella
Rabbit Weapon
Starfall magic square
Butterfly staff
Dreamy Candy Pillow
Rabbit in a Hat
Rose Butterwand
Iris Butterwand
Strawberry Delight
Bug Net
Giant Orchid
Rainbow Sabre

Moon Bunny Shield

Ramling fur glove
Moon Bunny Gloves
Rainbow Bracelet

Yellow Rainbow Sneaks
Moon Bunny Paws
Ramling Slippers
Strawberry shoes
Bunny Slippers
Purple Rainbow Sneaks

[b]Face Accessories:[/b]
Alergic Reaction

Rainbow Earrings

Deluxe Rainbow Label Ring
Deluxe Rainbow Quote Ring
Rainbow Quote Ring
Rainbow Label Ring
Rainbow Star Ring
Star Flower Ring

[b]Credits Due[/b]

April 16, 2014

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Thanks for compiling the list!
Good to know what's in the boxes before opening them.

Reply April 16, 2014

Nice. Seems like boxes are worth it this time. No?

Reply April 16, 2014

You listed "Rainbow Knitted Top" twice.

But nice goin' champ

Reply April 16, 2014

Gahh sorry Carmen I got the Deluxe Rainbow Label Ring ;w;
+ Picnic Hat (F)

+ Strawberry Delight

Reply April 16, 2014

I've gotten iris butterwand, rainbow umbrella, floating silken flower cape(the pink ribbon) and others I can remember

Reply April 16, 2014

Aww man look at those items <3

Reply April 16, 2014