Hayato Creation Glitched?

Has anyone tried making a Hayato recently? I tried to make one twice this past week to no avail. I can only get to the part where you can choose a face style and so on. After that I can't click confirm or cancel, so is it glitched/broken for anyone else?

BTW sorry if there is already a post about this. I didn't see any, so I figured I would post and ask.

March 31, 2013

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Alright thanks. I will try again later.

Reply March 31, 2013

Yes the character creation screen has lag. yesterday i was trying to delete a character but the games was lagging so it took a minute or two. just wait a little and you should be fine

Reply March 31, 2013

You're probably lagging. I made mine yesterday just fine

Reply March 31, 2013