More Evan tweaks and pretty Evan art *w* Evan sounds added and it sounds so immature child like LOL
Magic Debris is finally useful and amazing
Wth at the 5m past cap hyper removal >_<
A few small damage nerfs on Breath of Wind
Few more cooldowns on some skills.
Overall, I don't mind this tweak, we seem better now
Look at that art style too *w*

November 27, 2015

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I am still unsure of what to think about this revamp.
Just have a few questions.

What is the delay on Circle of Mana IV?
What is the new damage distribution for Breath of Earth?
What is our approximate lines per second on a single target?
Did our weapon multiplier change?
Edit: Since no one can answer any of these questions. I am gonna answer myself with what I know.

-According to insoya. The delay of circle of Mana IV is 1440ms at normal speed. At 0 attack speed, it would be 900ms. This seems consistent with the videos we have seen. Mana is VERY slow.
This brings hit per second to 8.8 + 1.1 from FA. Total of 9.9.

Illusion currently is 660ms at normal speed and 420ms with 0 attack speed. This gives us 14.28 + 0.95 from FA. Total of 15.2.

Of course, this hasn't factored in the fusion skills. 5 more lines a second shouldn't be too hard right? But you need to remember that you need to stop using Circle of Mana to use those skills. And you need to use 2 other skills. Of course, the amount of line from those skill seems to more than make up the 5 additional lines needed but if you factor in human error such as aka timing the cooldown and duration, stopping circle of mana, right as it ends, and a bunch of other humanly impossible feats. It shouldn't be that much more lines than what we currently have. Perfect play only nets you about 5 lines a second over current illusion. Also, consider that you only have time to fire off 3 Circle of Manas in the time between fusion skills. As soon as you fire off the fourth, you are delaying your fusion skills. I suppose debris pushes us over the top but the trade off just doesn't feel worth it. I feel we just lose too much in terms of utility for these few lines.

Not everyone can attack at full attack speed. At 0 attack speed, I get about 15% less attacks in than ninjaoftennis, probably due to latency reasons. I am pretty sure this will impact the new skills a lot more. Heck the delay I experience with teleport is sometimes unbearable. I can't imagine how I'd even play this class after the revamp.

TLDR: Fusion skills is a giant convoluted mess. Think of Zero and how they felt super fun to play... but only for the first 5 minutes.

-Breath of Earth, still no source about the damage distribution on this skill. It needs to be something along the lines of 10% less damage for each additional target or better for it to be usable. 140% x5 on 6 target is the minimum I feel needed for a 4th job skill. It used to be 46.6% x 5 on 6 targets, utter trash...
Depending on what it ends up being, we may have been nerfed in terms of mobbing compared to before as this skill is the only skill in terms of range that even holds a candle to Flame Wheel. Although, its more like a torch then a candle if it actually does damage. You will still need 4.5+ seconds of CDR for it to be usable unless you want to waste a point in the hyper skill which you would still need ~3 seconds of CDR.

-Our approximate lines per second is anywhere from 12 to 18 before factoring debris. I will say this is neither a nerf or a buff as you do get more lines but you have to earn them constantly and there will be times where you simply just can't get them. Although, considering there are classes that get double our lines for just holding a button, I am not sure what to think. I will still barely cap on bosses after E.reset nerf and this revamp so I suppose it doesn't affect me too much and since I don't live next to the servers, most harder bosses are off limits to me anyways.

-Our multiplier is probably still 1x. And considering how we lost a decent amount in our pseudo multiplier Magic Amp. Our range will actually decrease quite a bit. We also lose Bossing and PDR ignore. The amount we get passively doesn't even cover the amount we got built into illusion.

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I find Evans voice kinda fitting, hes a young adult after all.(around 18-20)
Also I like the Evan artwork too, especially the 3rd image.

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@star909: Oh? I assumed the 10% was that same 10% damage increase we already had woops.

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You get a 10% increase now, which means 5m past cap at base, 5.5m with one active. 6.55m with two active, 6.655m with three active etc.

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