KMST Evan changes Pt.2

Another KMST patch with more evan changes.
- Dark fog returns
- Huger cooldown on Dragon Breath and nerfed our lazer skill
- Nerfs on lower job skills
- We'll see how useful Magic Debris is after this.
Waiting for extractions to see how this all works.
Edit: We looks faster now

November 5, 2015

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Good news is, our summon is now affected by Boss Damage
@Skyenets: "Overall, I'm liking this all. I really just miss Illusion a little." we agree on something? AND we're both in the minority, rather than the vast majority?
Is it the Apocalypse already? D:
This HAS to be the Seventh Sign.

Reply November 10, 2015

@hopelessworld: Cheers bro. Gives me some time to figure out where the hell the download button is on the KMS website.

EDIT: Overall I'm liking this all. I really just miss Illusion a little. The "replacing" skill for it seems a bit lazy and uninspired.

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@skyenets: Nope, it's supposed to hit the live server on the 12th though.

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Has it been released to KMS outside the testing servers yet? I'm thinking of giving it a shot but I can't be arsed to download KMS.

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@justsofly: As far as I'm concerned, losing lines to gain dmg is a nerf =[
I'm going to wait for waters to calm before deciding how I truly feel about the changes.

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Ugh... Evan complaints are cancerous. At least some are alright. Those cancerous Evan complaints though, you're the reason you got Dark Fog back. Like... Seriously? I'm just hoping Dark Fog doesn't need you to do anything. You know, just let mir do it and you keep attacking.

Edit: Yeah, Dark Fog does exactly what I was hoping it'd do.

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@xvi3tx: I agree. This is a big revamp, I think it does need quite a bit more work. I wonder what the Korean Evans are thinking?

Edit: Thinking about it, they were probably thinking "where's dark fog?"
Lo and behold, the one change their voices could have in probability ended up being Dark Fog... Skill's cool and all, but it kinda sucks, especially without the passive all the other mages have on their ultimate skill.

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Time to Race to lvl 250 then >_>

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@bribes: Yeah... I just want that reverted or something so we can fund past that cap (which is hard, I know..)
Ugh, this whole revamp is just like a mess to me.
I want them to postpone the release date to work on this more
Sure, we do dish out more lines than our current self, but all that need of control gosh..

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@xvi3tx: Yeah this patch changed it to use the character damage formula, so its damage is calculated like all other attacks instead of summons. It gets a 50m cap as a result.

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@bribes: Wow, I hope those two either have really bad control or have no idea how to use the skills, it looked awful and thats probably an understatement.
We complained about the lines for illusion but from the look of this, 4 line illusion kills those boss 10x faster and way way easier

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Two Evans at CRA (VB, Clown, and Queen)

Training looks very fun with this revamp but bossing looks really clunky imo. There's a bit too much micro-managing.

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-still have useless meso explosion thing
-? dark fog? we couldve gotten an actual useful skill like a passive or active buff
-at least add a hyper that removes the damage distribution on earth install. that's how they did it with reflection.
like literally just remove the hyper they have for the skill now and replace it.
-still have that link.......

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@xreniya: Makes sense, I have 15% max on my gloves.
So I am at 74% min and 65% max.
DSE puts me at 74% min and 80% max.
DSE + knesis link will put me at 82% min and 80% max.
SE + knesis link will put me at 82% min and 95% max.
I guess having 15% min on gloves and having Expert give 20% max would be better overall.


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@jayson1019: i have 74 min crit and 53 max crit
se closes the gap
but the upcoming 8 min crit from knesis link will widen it again

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I heard that a lot of KMS players were not happy with the overly complicated play style of revamped Evan.
But you can simplify it with cooldown reduction so its not that bad.
Nexon's first response to this issue? Increase cooldown of the skills. Pretty much requires Evans to now roll double CDR potentials on our hats AND waste 3 points on the CDR hyper skills(4.5~5(max) seconds of CDR). Natural CD of the skills were increased to 8 seconds but their duration are still 3.5 seconds...? I don't see this going well.

But lets see what else we got.

-Link skill is still a joke.
-Linked magic - More MP is meh, considering how going above 99,999 hp/mp is a detriment in this game.
-Return! - I don't even, the lower cooldown on this skill pretty much amounts to nothing.
-Dive â€" Return! - Duration increase was pretty much needed. Pretty good change.
-Magic Resistance - Status resist is very welcomed. Especially since we lost 15% from losing shroud.
-Magic debris - Overall amounts to less lines which means less dps but shouldn't be too significant.
-Most X of Y skills - Lines per second got normalized. (Aka. we lost DPS)
-Breath of Earth - Was my favorite skill before this change, I don't understand how they thought a distributed damage skill is okay in Maplestory when we are quickly approaching the year 2016. As a 6 target mobbing skill, its weaker than most 1st job skills of other classes. But then again, at 2m2m, it should still be enough? I hope...
-I am actually happy about the Magic Mastery reversion. 15% min crit damage works better with the 20%/15% max crit damage from Explorer's Magical Ring and DSE respectively. Although I would have rather it to be still 20%. If anyone would let my know why they would prefer Max over Min, that would be great. I may be missing something.

Anyways, after years of neglect/mistreatment of the class, I'm disappointed that I didn't realize sooner that Nexon never liked Evans. But I guess I just wanted to believe otherwise.

So... so far, Our mobbing ability got neutered. Nothing can really compare with Flame Wheel or even Blaze. Breath of Earth was close before this change.
Bossing is interesting, I'd expect it would just be much more annoying to boss but dps would be comparable to 6 line illusion if you have max CDR(spamming Circle of Mana while using the best fusion skill every ~3.5 seconds(with the help of CDR)). This just depend on how the delay of Circle of Mana works, although it does look much slower.

Tbh, I'd take 6 line Illusion + FW + all our other many many utilities over this mess any day. We came from being one of the best support classes in the game that held our own to one that barely holds our own and barely supports. Fun.

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Would like our 1v1 skill back seems like we're only good for mobbing now... eeeeeep.

Kinda like the new hair styles. Aran's female hair look nice too

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I want dragon blink back...

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@xvi3tx: According to max Breath* of Wind number of hits dropped from 7 to 3 but damage increase was 140% to 380% so our damage still went up...But I can see your disappointment because our main issue right now and apparently always will be, the lack of # of lines; which is the real nerf here for any of those evans that hit near cap.

-The magic mastery change was saddening too.
-I'm confused about the magic debris nerf too lmao, it was only a 40% chance and only during fusion skills

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It seems bossing will be alternating between lightning swift and wind breath? that cd hurts tho
We lost lines and gained damage, which...fine by me
good thing we got dark fog back, and buffed too
now give me blink and i will be 100% happy

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-They nerfed Circle of Wind number of hits from 7 to 3 my heart....... ;(
-Honestly should just make our Onyx Will 70% a buff for ourselves instead of when Mir is attacking.
- Yay 20% resist
- I seriously don't understand Magic Debris nerf at all...
- Not bad, 60 sec duration of 1 attack speed
- The 20% max crit was such a it's back to 15% min crit T_T
- Gotta alternate between the Lightning Illusion skill and some sore of Breath skill while one's on cooldown.

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@keyan22: Why would they replace Royal exclusives and REG/VIP exclusives with default styles? We've had revamps with new variations of existing styles in the past and that wasn't the case so why would this be any different?

OT: Seems far more appealing with the changes and added sounds. I still prefer the simplicity of the old Evan but I can see why people would enjoy this version.

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LOL that hyper got nerfed because it's like more than lame =)) I see that lazer skill got reduced to 5 seconds cooldown ? this was expected so we can use Evan's skill as well. Other than that, I haven't seen that lightning balls rolling on the ground before did they just add that in ? and that skill where Mir shoots things out everywhere became reduced to one line as well but it seems stronger than before ?

I'm really looking forward to seeing a video of Evans bossing to see how they utilize their bossing skill strategies though. For one thing they have higher hits per sec now but oh well it's gonna come like next year April or summer lol

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This is supposed to be a revamp but honestly it doesnt feel like it. I feel like our 1v1 got nerfed a lot. Kms evans dont seem excited about it as well...

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@keyan22: I agree. The only good one at all seems to be the new Aran female hair. All the eyes are also lackluster in quality.

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I highly dislike the new Evan hair, don't like the eyes much either.(I hope its a different type of hairstyle/eyes and it doesn't change the old Evan hair and eyes)
Would prefer if those just stayed the same.(If they change the old)
Happy about dark fog though.

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I don't mind the decrease of lines for the lazer skill I'm just glad they increased the damage on the fire tornado skill.
They made the lazer skill do more damage as it hits less enemies if I'm reading google translate correctly.

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Suppose the nerf whas to be expected.
To be honest if a dev could not see that being OP af the 4th job mobbing skill there is something wrong with the devs

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