Star Planet Attendance Glitch

So I was doing my star planet attendance yesterday that required you to get 35 star points but somehow, the constant server crashes seems to have rollbacked my star points.
I tried to get 35 star points again (even more than that) and now I'm unable to finish it and the quest is still in progress. Forfeiting isn't allowed either so I'm just stuck with only 7 days completed
Anyone else has this problem? (Nexon ticket support is down too ;_; )

December 28, 2014

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[quote=LitheMovement]Did you try doing it on another character?[/quote]

You are a lifesaver <3 <3
Doing it on another character works

Reply December 29, 2014

Same for me 2.. try sending an email to customersupport at

Reply December 29, 2014

Did you try doing it on another character?

Reply December 29, 2014

The same thing is happening to me too

Reply December 29, 2014