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i want your opinions, basil so like yeah... i'm going to be in grade 12 next year and my scheduled is messed up. my art and drafting block are at the same times and i have to drop one of them i'm planning to major in interior design or business. however i'm not required to take either course to get into post seconday. art is stressful, no one i know is taking that course. drafting is slack, it's a free block for me. now i have to drop a course. i can either get a study block or i can replace it with another course. waddda ya think basil? what course do i dRoOoOoOppp


is newsletter-mail.com legit? I got my account hacked so I requested an e-mail change. (And it takes Nexon 2 months to reply to my email, are you kidding me?) I finally got an email from them today telling me if I want to complete my email change I must download the PDF attached to the email and FAX (YES... FAX) it to the number given. On the PDF is the most ridiculous thing ever. They ask for a photocopy of my GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID. This is where it gets super suspicious, why the hell is a game company asking for a government issued ID? I looked at the email and it says -mail.com and from what i remember, their emails are usually net So has anyone ever faxed to -mail.com? Is it a trusted email? I just want to change my damn email... how har