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Buying several books for mercedes

Greetings Basilers I need several books for mercedes I need

Anchient Warding 20/30 i have 30 but leave your name anyways

Dual bowgun expert 20/30

One more question nexon's giving out free mastery books at 4th job i chose advanced final attack but it said its for heros and bowmasters. It works 100% so does that mean mercedes can use it or is it bugged?


0 October 6, 2012

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[quote=aznsoldi3r]Is the 100% book from the job advancement tradeable or no? :o[/quote]

Nope and they have to be used within 30 days of receiving it from the quest

Reply October 8, 2012

Is the 100% book from the job advancement tradeable or no? :o

Reply October 8, 2012

@anthoy84 well, thanks for replying but one more thing, it took u 5 tries? man i cant even find erm anchient warding 20.

Reply October 7, 2012

Yes, Mercedes shares the same AFA mastery book as Heroes and Bowmasters.

Good luck with the book hunt! Ancient Warding 30 took me about 5 tries when 30mil per book was considered cheap.

Reply October 6, 2012