Second all English party clear. First run was a lot sloppier so I'm uploading this one so you can see more of the fight (I was dead for the last ~4min of first kill). You can run all dungeons in Maplestory2 as many times as you want, but there is a limit to how many times you can receive rewards - for Magnus in particular, you can get drops once per week resetting at Friday midnight KST (10am Thursday EST). Magnus drops a new set of gear, with special set effects - unfortunately, the drop rate seems to be very low and no one out of the 11 people who cleared got a piece of the new set. Party lists seen here, as #205th and #206th overall kills in KMS2:


Tower of Oz Kms Changes new ones Title should read: "Tower of Oz Changes (new ones)" Of course, all credits go to Orange Mushroom Changes to Tower of Oz that weren't shown in KMST: On the 36th Floor, the password has been changed from 12 monsters to 8 monsters. On the 42nd Floor, Finley will now be summoned a little later. On the 49th Floor, you can now change the question given to you once. On the 50th Floor, Dorothy's HP has been decreased by 20%. In addition, her infinite flames have been changed to do more damage and she will now summon meteorites constantly. Thank god 36f and 9f were shortened 42f change basically makes the first difficult stage 48f (as long as you take proper notes for 43f) 49f change now makes it less of a


Nexon banning legitimate players Roughly two hours ago, a well-known glitch with tower of oz involving Orange Slimes was found that they could be spawned in (essentially) any map. A harmless glitch that spiced up this otherwise boring game and Free Market. Upon realizing that these mobs did not take damage in the Free Market, I immediately stopped (which means less than half an hour of doing this). I was banned for one week, for "hacking or use of illegal third-party programs." While this is indeed a glitch, I am yet again disappointed with how this was handled. There are several individuals (no-names yeah I know) who BLATANTLY duplicate items, flaunt them, and sell them OUT IN THE OPEN and do not get banned. It took GM's under tw

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