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Training Location for 240-250?

Hey guys,
I just got back to maple after a year and looking for a new training spot for bow masters to work towards 250 again. Anyone know some good maps in Arcane River that I could check out? Thanks!

0 October 11, 2017


@twopointonefour: It's been 10 years and Nexon hasn't changed at all. Putting them in Marvel and Philo books are probably gonna give the the greatest revenue, how smart...

Reply October 14, 2017

@xxthebreezex: Spend your fortunes on Philo books or marvel machine to gamble for it. It's a totem that gives a skill.

Reply October 13, 2017

@twopointonefour: I've checked out Cavern Lower Path but I don't have kishin either so I'll probably have to go check out the second option. It's been a while, how do you get Frenzy? I heard that it's an equip now?

Reply October 12, 2017

You'll ideally train in Arcana. Cavern Lower Path works very well with Arrow Rain and Frenzy/Kishin. I don't have access to a kanna or a frenzy so I train at Labyrinthine Cavern - Upper Path.

Reply October 12, 2017