wall is suspended

your time to talk mad trash about him cause he can't reply

have at it yolo


July 21, 2016

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@stoker: When you're suspended you can go to the "Rules" button at the bottom of the page to see why you were suspended. Since you're no longer suspended it's gone now.

If you would like to know why, shoot me a PM and I can explain (since I can still see why).

Reply July 22, 2016

@nolen: can you do an analysis on me too
pls and thanks

Reply July 21, 2016

What reminds me of wall. He doesn't capitalize words, smokes, not ugly white male picture, only basiler I've read to post about getting sucked, started basil with an outbreak then toned down like everyone else.

Reply July 21, 2016

@antisenpai: I hate starbucks...... well I hate coffee in general so

Reply July 21, 2016

@sirkibble: Hint of racism lol

More like, saying you hate starbucks but you only fk white girls

Reply July 21, 2016

wall is a naughty lad.

there. I said it.

Reply July 21, 2016

Well he recently posted in free royal face and nx thread in general maplestory

Reply July 21, 2016

is this a donald trump reference?

Reply July 21, 2016

hi op

Reply July 21, 2016

So why is this guy so well known? I barely see him around and never read anything he posts yet he seems to be popular. I don't care for him, personally.

Reply July 21, 2016

he spends too much game on this money ha ha : ^ )

Reply July 21, 2016