For those who play the Violin

Compared to beginning on say, a guitar or Piano, how hard is it to get into the rhythm of things? Interesting in picking it up...

August 14, 2016

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Violin is definitely not the easiest for beginners. There are a lot of techniques you have to learn just to play a single note and not have it sound like you are scratching a chalkboard. I see people picking up a guitar in a year or two and sound like a pro. You will need at least three years just to sound decent.

It's also a bit frustrating to play because even if I practice playing Twinkle twinkle little star for an entire week, I will not sound as good as my teacher or mom who have been playing for 15+ years. The techniques behind sounding good take A LOT of time to master. If I practice twinkle twinkle the little star on my guitar for an entire week, I will sound almost as good as my teacher at least for that song. Not the case for violin.

Also, you pretty much need a tutor for the first year or so if you are serious about learning the violin. You won't be able to properly learn the right form and techniques just from youtube videos.

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i started violin and piano classes at the same time and took them for about a year, violin was harder to me tbh.

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