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How many of you have been affected by Cancer? Whether it be you, a family member, or even a friend. Has cancer impacted the lives of anyone you know? It seems that almost anyone I know can say they directly know someone who had cancer / is going through it. I was fortunate enough to never have to worry about cancer. I never thought it'd be something I had to deal with. I, however, found out that my dad has brain cancer last friday. It's been a huge shock to me and I've been thinking about the topic like crazy.

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seems like a no brainer but I want some opinions I'll make this nice and short. 21 years old college student. Work PT averaging 20 hrs/week for $10.25. My friend has just informed me I can apply to his work and I'd have a good shot at getting in. $13 starting pay, 24hr week minimums, with usual hours being 30-35. Of course more money = happier college student, right? Well I happen to enjoy where I work and they really helped me during a tough time in my life recently. I have more than enough money stashed away but more would always be nice. Would there be any circumstances in which you guys would NOT take the better paying position?

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