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General Shadower

How to upgrade? So in terms of prioritizing, what should I focus on? I don't have a lot of NX, so I'm hesitant to cube my Dagger. It's 15 star Primed, 3L Unique. Lines are 9% Luk and 9% ATK. I'd rather not mess with that for now. I do not have an emblem yet, and my dkhanjar is only 31 attack. I have a clean 17 ATK so I may just try to make that into 44 ATK. Other than that, I've no idea what to do. I've got a 2 star Tyrant Cape. Clean RA Hat + Bottom. 70% Luk scrolled top just to have some extra damage. Uhm no Gollux items yet but working on it. So my range at level 172 is like ~200k when fully buffed. I have about 2.8B to spare right now. If any more info is needed I will list it.

General Shadower

Shadower and Gollux Okay I know I'm about to sound like a noob, but I'm getting frustrated. My range is about ~310k atm and I attempt to do normal gollux. I have no problem doing the damage within the allotted time... it's just that I always die 5 times somehow. Whether it be from his breath, from his hands or just the full map attack. I always try to phase dash when I see him go to use the breath but I almost never have enough time. So I'm always hesitant to attack at full blast because I'm afraid I won't be able to dash away in time. This in turn just makes it slower, and causes me to have to wait it out / dodge more breath / hands than I want too. I stand in the middle and then just move to whatever side he's not attacking on, but I stil