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Atk, Boss, and Pdr I know this probably gets asked often, but I could really use some insight. I'm currently funding a new character ( Night Walker ) and I'm just not exactly sure what amount of ATK, Boss and PDR I should go for. I know generally speaking, 200-250% boss, like 93% PDR and 50x% attack is ideal, but in terms of what I should get per item is what I'm confused about. I just cubed my fafnir claw with some leftover cubes and I got 60% boss on the main pot with a 9% Luk line. I was aiming for a % Boss line and % ATK but I didn't want to lose my 60% Boss. I know that PDR is usually put on emblems and secondaries with % ATK. I guess I'm just asking if 60% Boss for a weapon is viable or not. I'll most likely aim for at least 15% ATK o