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Dang It Basil

Can't u keep ur mouth shut u had to go and ruin the lvl 200 beginner glitch >.>

0 February 10, 2013

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What @QuackOutLoud said, ms' fun is from meeting new friends and lvling up
if you just lvl up to 200 without knowing the hard work, whats the reason of getting it to 200? o.o

Reply February 10, 2013

Figures a Wild "Hacker" QQ's lol

Reply February 10, 2013

@VolklRacerr: infinite snipe duhhh
only lvl 1 tho
and after u adv u cant do glitch anymore

Reply February 10, 2013

If you're not going to bother playing a game, don't bother playing it.

Taking advantage of this glitch to get to Lv 200 fast defeats the entire purpose.

Reply February 10, 2013

Nexon doesnt live under a rock they notice such things very quickly

Reply February 10, 2013

i lvl close to 200
i adv to MM
just let him sit there for along time
with 1 sp in every job

Reply February 10, 2013

Pretty sure Nexon is gonna delete those characters just like what they did in EMS with the Mercedes glitch. So don't get too attached to ur lvl 200 mule

Reply February 10, 2013

edit holy poops nvm.

Reply February 10, 2013 - edited

are you that 'a hole' on axed ms?

Reply February 10, 2013 - edited

who cares
it was gonna get patched sooner or later

Reply February 10, 2013 - edited

"asdfghjklll" has achieved level 200! Please congratulate them on such an amazing achievement!

now repeat that times about 5 - 10 everyone 20 minutes or so, and you see why.

Reply February 10, 2013 - edited