Personally i think this new update is pretty crappy

This is just a rant with a wall of text, im curious on some of your guys's opinions.

Looking through the patch notes, the only thing worthwhile from the event is the expanded masteria and a couple events. But even then i could care less about masteria considering i never paid attention to it anyways. That's honestly the only reason to do the masteria event is for the story, the items you get are pretty crappy considering how cheap gollux items are (though the face and eye might be decent untill sw). So now lets talk about some of the events; some of them had decent rewards but they were only decent, like epics and pot stamps. And then the masteria time travel event where you had to register your account; they made it sound like a big deal because you had to register your account, but all the gifts are mediocre anyways (30 day pet? you couldn't make it perm? most maplers have a perm pet anyways. then they add respawn tokens and ap/sp scrolls, but those are worthless you can buy them from matilda for like 7m. POWER ELIXARS, are you joking me what kind of gift are those i have so many i throw them away. And then the hyper rock, i understand not making it perm, but 7 days really? couldn't even make it a month? the only worth while things are the exp coupons and character slot expansion.) the hot week wasn't much either, potential stamp, hammer, and some maple points. The attendance was also mediocre considering there were no cubes this time like usual. The only good things i saw from this update were a few damage skins. medals, and chairs for my collection, the cash inventory expansion, and the cube mission; but those were only a small part of this update.
Most of everything else was just crap.

Tl;Dr 80% of this event is crap and im mad its an all day update

March 10, 2016

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I have to agree with you. Personally I feel like there haven't been super great events since that unique pot event several years ago where you could do attendance on multiple characters on the same account. Most of the time Nexon just recylces events and then the rewards are only helpful if you're a new player.

Reply March 11, 2016

@yiffyfurry: Some of these events aren't bad dawg.
I agree with you on the registration pkg 100%

Reply March 11, 2016

I'm excited for the Masteria story. Masteria's always been one of *those* maps, odd yet unique. I really enjoyed black heaven, so I'm pumped to see what's next in the story.

Reply March 10, 2016

Don't get why people like OP complain so much about freebies that come along with a game update...
I just enjoy the game and don't expect Nexon to feed me rewards...unexpected freebies are nice though.

Reply March 10, 2016

@magne: To be fair, they have given out amazing things before, on several occasions. Nexon's gift quality seems to be very inconsistent.

Reply March 10, 2016

you sound like a spoiled little rich kid, why do you expect nexon to hand out relly good gifts to you when you dont pay a dime to play?

Reply March 10, 2016

You know how in Anime they have filler arcs? You know a string of episodes or entire seasons of the show you just have no interest in and has no impact on the show? Yeah thats what this patch is. Just stalling for time.

Reply March 10, 2016

The only pay 2 win gap this game has is people willing to look up Maple Story online and learn about the game and people who won't do the research and just complain.

Reply March 10, 2016

Hot Days and Hot Times were easily abused by people. Just make a lot of accounts and there you go. Hot Time? Well, in the past when this WAS abused, some would simply just use free multi maple programs and bam. Wow. To tone this down, Nexon's been giving slightly less amazing stuff but they're still very neat and amazing. The character slot coupons and inventory slot coupons are very helpful if you haven't maxed them all out already. I'm already pretty glad that we get another Hot Week and free items. I might be able to slowly build another character up to 2mil-2mil without spending more money.

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@wall: Your point makes a lot of sense but then comes the entitled standpoint; How can you just do something that doesn't appeal to the seasoned players at all. Why hype up these packages when they're literally just a few days worth of rewards points. kinda lame IMO but icogs and pot scrolls during these events are cool too. Also to the economic stand point "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime" I probably got that quote wrong but that's all the package was; A fish a 30 day brown kitty pet with a couple potions "fish"

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I quit Maple for a long time and came back for Reboot. I feel people on this game these days are sooooo spoiled. Back in my day, people would be excited for events even if the prize was just a chair and a medal.

I'm excited for Masteria, the Beasts of Mu Lung Part II, and Shanghai additions. ^^

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I don't think it's crappy but I do get what you're saying lol. They even have to drag it out until spring...

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@wall you aren't wrong but your example of your nightlord is not a great example. You were able to "fund" that mule (im guessing, could be wrong) off of extra cubes and scrolls you had from your shade, which already had a high range from NX funding....(or maybe you spent alot of time on it..)... or funded it with your shade till it had the range to fund itself..

I guess my point is having a character already well over a 2m range able to solo everything and (probably) having high % drop gear make it SIGNIFICANTLY easier (faster) to fund a secondary character for little to no cost. Ive done it with my kinesis.

For a player who lacks any kind of funded boss clearer the pay2win gap is still around (its not very big though). maybe it should be called pay2acertainpoint, then if you know what to do you can easily play2win

idk, ive seen you bring your NL up a lot and you kind of make it seem like its so easy (which it is) but thats probably because you can easily fund it with other characters.

@wall : i see i see, theres still a significant advantage in already being an experienced player with an already funded character compared to a new player, but once you get that video out and get all the knowledge over to them, then yea its no problem. Its certainly not difficult.

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While I don't think this update really interest me there's a lot of people who are really excited for it, so I'll just say let them have their enjoyment from it.

Now for that registration box I do agree it's a little too simple, but honestly I rather not find out about ANOTHER Black Heaven Box again! Seriously I'll NEVER forget that. Ever... Still this gift seems more fitting for newer players just starting and the like, and I'm fine with that.

The events are... the usual to be expected, so nothing much to comment on them really.

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@sadvirgin: You do have a bit of a point there. I still think the pet should have been perm though, they have given out perm pets before. Especially considering in reboot not having a pet halves the amount of mesos you can make, when it expires you're left in the dust unless you buy nx for reboot. But reboot is supposed to be more oriented to have have to spend nx on it.

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cool opinions, but the pack is pretty generous for the amount of effort you put into getting it. Same with hot days. Free stuff.
I will say it looks like the package is more aimed towards people who are just starting out, possibly on reboot.
Though I really like that they made the EXP coupon boxes tradeable within account now.

For the amount of new content being introduced, it's perfectly reasonable that it'd take at least 7 hours to implement, including taking the servers down and getting them back up, considering our weekly maintenances take about 3-4 hours.
And we had no maintenance last week so that pretty much makes up for it.

idk why you're mad.

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@wall: So there you go then, most of the items from this event are useless. I understand about obtaining epics from other places too, that's why i was saying if they're going to make it an event item it should be 100%. Clean slates would also be a nice touch too then, no? Considering gollux scrolls and spell traces could use up slots on fail.

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Meh. I recently started back up on Reboot, so the Masteria Set will be quite nice to have. And free stuff is always nice especially since it isn't like it was some long and obnoxious registration.
Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

It does suck that the update would be on my day off, though.

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@josef: I mean like more cubes, make the potential stamps and epic pots 100% (there's nothing i hate more than taking the time to do an event for a failed scroll), and give out some worthwhile scrolls. Things that can actually be used to upgrade equipment and shorten the p2w gap, not just some potions and worthless buffs. I understand some people enjoy storylines, but masteria has been dead for so long probably only a few people even know the original storyline.

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What kind of rewards would you like to get? And for those who actually like reading the storylines, the masteria part is very exciting.

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