Can someone explain the mesos sack fiasco to me?

I keep hearing about mesos sacks and reboot and stuff but i'm just totally out of the loop. What happened?

December 3, 2015

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So, to sum it up...

Reboot server is designed to be a "you're on your own" server when it comes to items and upgrading your character. There's no trading items with other players, any item you can use to upgrade item stats is available through mesos, you gain all equips by training on your own and Cash Shop items are pretty much cosmetic-only. The meso gain in Reboot is also substantially higher than normal, meaning you should ultimately be able to earn a small fortune for upgrading gear just by standard training. Essentially, think it of it like the Pink Bean characters we had a few months ago.

So, Nexon decided to add a simple Meso Sack item into Cash Shop for those people who want a sudden jump in mesos. It's very similar to something like the Shark Card system in Grand Theft Auto Online - spend a little money, save time grinding, get a little more mesos. Honestly, the idea (like with GTA Online) is ultimately pretty light. You never actually need to buy a meso sack at all in order to progress and those who use the meso sack simply get some extra mesos to buy things from Reboot's in-game shops (remember that you cannot trade with other players). Roughly, the meso bag gives 25m, which is the approximate equivalent to a Miracle Cube purchased in the game's shops. In the grand scheme of things, the meso sacks are nothing but a tiny shortcut in time and would normally be ignored in the shuffle of things...

...but then we remember what community we're talking about... the community that flips tables over any issue, as if it was the end of the freaking world. Phrases like "Pay to Win" was thrown around like it was going out of style, Nexon was being villified for their "trechery" and online petitions trying to change things were being made like crazy.

Pretty much, any normal day on Basil... only focused on one thing and turned up to eleven.

Well, it seems that Nexon gave in to the constant whining from the mass of crybabies and decided to take out the meso bags. I guess throwing a mass temper tantrum works is going to work eventually... just surprised that such a minor thing was removed so quickly. But that's the community we're stuck with.

Now I'm just waiting for the Nexon whiners to begin complaining about how removing meso sacks is suddenly a bad thing and the villification of Nexon bandwagon can continue. Because, as we know, the Maple community can never be happy with what they have and needs to find any source from the "worst company ever" to whine about and engage in hyperbole over.

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The removed Mesos sacks from reboot check the maplestory forums

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Reboot server was engineered specifically against pay-to-win, while promoting old-fashion grinding for those who still prefer it. As such, there's no trade system or anything of that sort. Any mesos on your account you earned. For this, items like cubes are sold in the general store for mesos. Basically, mesos are actually useful in the server beyond the current state in normal servers of big buys in shops and such.

For some reason when it was brought to us, Nexon of America decided to try introducing a Reboot-Specific "Reboot Meso Sack." Conceptually, this goes in absolute conflict with the entire point of the server. Later on, they 'clarified' that it would only be for characters over level 150, but this doesn't change the aforementioned fact. It should never exist. By the end, Nexon decided to remove it from availability.

There is one issue left: Nexon left it open to re-introduction. They worded their statement suggesting the idea of "If we deem this might be something the server might want, we can bring it back." It was just not put out immediately with the update. Of course, it could be years before they decide to bring it back if ever, but the point is they haven't fully backed down. I do appreciate they dropped it at all, don't get me wrong there, but it still worried me a bit.

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@stevenman76: Thanks, that explains a lot about why people are happy they weren't added

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They wanted to make Reboot World not pay to win, but they put Meso Sacks in for NX(and they actually gave good amounts of mesos)

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