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What should I do with 100% tier up gloves So, i obtained 100% tier up gloves from RA, and was wondering if it would be worth cubing them. [url=http://i.imgur.com/Rnp4JtC.png]here[/url] they are in comparison to my current glove. I would go for decent SI, but i heard that's only for gloves 120+. Would it be worth to get higher %stat on the RA gloves or just keep my current gloves considering they have better base stats (yes i will be considering 70% tracing the RA gloves during trace fever) I have 100% crit BTW


Beast tamer release july 2nd? So, i was reading the [url=http://maplestory.nexon.net/shop/special-promotions/this-week/00Ibc]july cash shop update[/url] and noticed under the gachapon section it says: "This update will be applied in the July 2 maintenance in the Random Rewards category. Summer is heating up and The Great Gachapierrot has stocked the Gachapon with all kinds of fun items! Cool down with undersea chairs, and enjoy the vacation with summer fun chairs! There are also chairs to celebrate Beast Tamer's return, as well as the start of the comic book convention season. New mounts are also available."


Easy Gfa 60% So, before aliens were introduced you could do a quest in the clocktower of NLC to get GFA 60%. But, when aliens came out you could no longer enter the tower wich means the quest was therefor blocked. But as you are about to find out its still acessable. Step 1: Eaither get a hyper teleport rock or do pink zakum for its teleport rock Step 2: go to nlc Step 3: if you have a hyper teleport rock, open world map and click the first map of the tower, if you have the pink zakum one, just click the teleport rock and then click the map Step 4: you can now click him and do the quest step 5: ? step 6: profit (to leave the clock tower, just go to the top and exit there)

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