price check on several equips I had leftover unique pot scrolls and cubes, results turned out great lol [url=http://s12.postimg.org/k4d4lbqjh/image.jpg]15% STR pinnacle ring[/url] [url=http://s9.postimg.org/ek89u00sv/ms2.jpg]12%LUK 9%DEX pinnacle ring[/url] [url=http://s29.postimg.org/d5sa3m81z/ms3.jpg]15%DEX 6%HP cracked gollux ring[/url] [url=http://s3.postimg.org/olmaowlpv/ms4.jpg]12%LUK 9%STR solid gollux ring[/url] [url=http://s27.postimg.org/44crzo2ar/ms5.jpg]6%all 6%LUK meister shoulder[/url] and also, I have this for a while now, trying to sell it but not sure how much. [url=http://s12.postimg.org/yz6bd8pi5/ms6.jpg]30%INT VSS[/url] they're all clean btw


Guide to exchange Red tickets efficiently Step 1. go to Rien Step 2. put all but 4 tickets into your storage Step 3. Cassandra is still in that town (don't need to go to the event town). Exchange 4 tickets = 50coins Step 4. there is a teleporting portal right beside Cassandra, it go straight to where the storage is (not really, but within clicking distance) Step 5. Repeat 2-4. PS. there is still town lag, but it isn't as bad as the event town... Edit: Since mentioned aqua town, i went there...it's even faster and less laggier! Enter the portal between monster park shuttle and Boss Kumi, Cassandra is right inside there. There is a portal right above the one you went through, which leads to a storage.

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