how do i recover from being an anorexic?

like the title says, its really hard to just "eat" when i kinda have an eating disorder.
currently im 15, 5"6' (167cm), and at 103 pounds (47 kg).
i acknowledge the fact that i have this eating disorder, and have been wanting to get rid of it for a while now.
im just a small asian boy who wants to be normal because it affects my mentality sometimes qq
so any help like on what to eat more of/ fitness and such would be greatly appreciated :00

April 17, 2015

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rmber doe u can try to eat a little moar so yu dun die.

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i was going to try and say something useful but then you said "im just a small asian boy".
now you have 2 problems you need to solve.

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I was anorexic too (5'8 103lbs) and all I did was start eating normally again. There really isn't much more I can add to that.

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if your skinny, start eating a lot.
if your fat, start eating less.
either way, exercise.
otherwise, go to a doctor.

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Is this even a question? Binge eat on mcdonalds.

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lift, get hungry, eat
socialize, get appetite, eat

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Eat at a caloric surplus + start lifting weights.

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Thats honestly not that bad but go see a professional. I know a guy who's 6'5 and maybe 10 pounds more than you. I'm scared I might break him if I exhale too hard. You can always just bulk up. 1 additional pound is 3500 calories.If you eat 500 more calories a day, 1 week youll gain 1 pound.

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do you not eat a lot? or are you obsessed with losing weight. if you are skinny/underweight and don't eat a lot it doesn't mean you're anorexic. anorexia is a mental disorder where people are obsessed with losing weight and counting calories, maybe a few hundred calories or none at all. people who over exercise or purge their food. skinny does not mean anorexic. but if you are, i agree with everyone else, get professional help
maybe you have to find what caused it in the first place, and deal with it , was it peer pressure? stress? working on those will help you recover, to be less concerned about your weight as you focus on other things and such
does your family know? what are they saying? it helps to have someone close to you understand and talk to, its a big part of relieving the stress and anxiety

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go on a fronk yang super bulk (8000+ calories a day) then get shredded

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start by increasing you meal sizes first, its all in the mind, you gota accept the fact that there's nothing wrong with eating and try to reach small goals at a time like 1500 calories then 1700 then 2000+ or whatever you can take, if you're insecure about getting fat try joining cross country, swim or other high endurance sports, but if you do so you will have to eat like 3500 calories minimum. when it was swim season I kept dropping weight and I was practically cleaning out the fridge everyday, if I ate normally for 1 week I would drop 2-4 pounds so I had to eat like crazy. just start by eating whatever more you can like mid meal snacks such as fruit. the most important meal of the day is breakfast so make sure you never skip it even if its just a glass of milk or something you gota have breakfast. just remember it's your own mind that's stopping you, if you can conquer it for 2 weeks I can almost be sure that you'll eat normally again just think 2 weeks.

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Agree with above people. Seek medical help. I understand why you came to basil and people here are bit terribly mean but we also don't want to skew the problem you have by giving our opinions
talk to doctor please. I do understand why you cane to basil though

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So what I'm about to say is the reason why you should ask a professional instead of Basil, but I'm gonna say it anyway:

Drink alcohol with your meals. It makes them so much more enjoyable. I have trouble eating too, but when it gets really bad, I'll go to a nice restaurant and splurge on a beer when I order. Sometimes, I stare at some food and it just looks so unappetizing and there's no way I could get it down my throat, but a light drink makes it better. Alcohol in moderation is nice.

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@Yondaime: This shouldn't even be a thread,you should really go see the doctor beforehand.
People on here aren't professionals.

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[quote=Slayinz]See a professional instead of asking here...[/quote]

true, but this is just an alternative to ask before later on when i do have the time for professional help o.o

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See a professional instead of asking here...

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