can anyone help with my windmills?

first off im fairly skinny, and i can sort of get the initial spin down, its just that it hurts so much on my marble floor. also, restabbing back into position really takes the air out of me because it hurts x.x any tips?

May 19, 2015

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pylometric chin-ups and push-ups will help for sure. thats what helped me the most when I started breakdancing.

Reply May 21, 2015

I imagined a noodle flopping around on the floor
and giggled for a while.

sorry. hehe. c:

Reply May 19, 2015

Learn to get the momentum from the initial kick into your upper back. Youtube has plenty of videos on the general process of a windmill, so you should be fine if you keep going through the pain.
-and turn your fat into muscle by doing pushups/situps or even hit the gym if possible.

Reply May 19, 2015

[quote=Clownified]I entered this thread thinking it was about dunking [/quote]

yeahh.. sorry, i dont think i can dunk as a 5'6" asian boy

Reply May 19, 2015

I entered this thread thinking it was about dunking

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