whats the easiest way to make moolah?

so im still pretty new to windia,
got to 150 on my tb,
raking in 5mil now, 1-2mil per day from zak runs
can anyone give me tips on how to make more mesos efficiently? (including if i had 25k nx what should i do with it)

February 15, 2015

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1-3mil selling loots from leeching at sdh every 30mins [dependent on slots available].
throw in 2xHT + PB for almost 1mil in npc.
grind and farm clean slates.

Reply February 15, 2015

Commerci accessories, gollux eccessories and scrolls, DI equips and extract them for Superior item crys

Reply February 15, 2015

Gollux scroll service sells for around 200m per scroll now ~

Reply February 15, 2015

If you have multiple chars in that world above lvl 120-140-ish, you can Zak run with those chars as well assuming they can take on Zak alone (and also acquire some link skills to make your TB stronger). There's also normal Horntail, Krexel and maybe Hilla.

Reply February 15, 2015

farm those superior item crystals from dimension you should get like 60 a day and sell em a bit cheaper then ur world price

Reply February 15, 2015

Sell Premium style box rewards from NX.

Otherwise do gollux and commerci.

Reply February 15, 2015