Daily Routine Since I have not seen one of these threads in a while, what's your daily routine in maple? I tend to scan every fm (there's about 10 full ones since it's YMCK), do daily events, and boss if I have a friend to carry me. I don't like bossing as much now since it can suck up lots of my time since I can't 1-2 hit most bosses. Even with friends who hit cap, it still seems like it takes ~30 min. I mainly log on to talk to friends, but I wanted to hear your guys' input! Maybe I can find another thing to do on maple (^~^)/~

General Fashion

Hair Coupon Values I currently have a bed head coupon from marvel; if the new royal's tomorrow don't have bed head, the price of my coupon should rise right? And how do you put a value on a hair coupon? I would value a good hairstyle at about 15k nx (5 royal hairs) and use the world's nx to meso ratio. I keep getting lowballed with offers of 500-800m -_- What would you guys value a coupon for your favorite hair? (ex. My fave hair is overgrown and I'd put that around 5b since I'm willing to pay 10+ royal's for it and due to the chance that it may not be in the current cycle). btw. S>Bed Hed Hair Coupon in YMCK!


Damage skin storage feature Do you guys think that Nexon should make a damage skin storage feature that allows you to switch between damage skins that you've obtained? I've lost so much time and effort in wasted damage skins; I spent 10 days getting the keyboard warrior damage skin from the nut coin shop, then I got the starry night damage skin, and then I got the star planet damage skin. I've given some damage skins to my secondary players, but I'd really like a feature where you can store damage skins. >.< I also don't want my red tiger damage skin to go to waste T_T


All Hail Kradia It has been brought to my attention that Scania has been facing some dark times due to ddos'ers. After careful consideration and research of these events, I have found that the one and only solution is to move to Kradia. Every other possibility contains some sort of flaw. The shield is a symbol of protection that guarantees the prevention of ddos'ers. If you would like, and if you ask nicely, I will consider giving you a newbie starter pack. It contains a sky blue wooden chair along with 100,000 mesos. Sincerely, a long time Kradian.

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